Welcome to Costa Rica!

Or at least, welcome to my blog about Costa Rica!

I’m JuliAnne Murphy, and I’m a writer and a consultant. I live in Costa Rica. In early 2015, I came to Costa Rica for work, and fell in love with the Pacific coast, in the Osa region. Three months later, I packed my car and moved here for three months. A work contract was my excuse, but two months in, I knew I wasn’t done with this piece of paradise, and it wasn’t done with me. So I stayed.

Eight months later – in early January 2016 – I moved the rest of my stuff, and now Costa Rica is my home base. Woo hoo!

This website and my blog here– La Pura Vida Costa Rica – is inspired by my love of Costa Rica, my day-to-day life in this country as an expat, my travels within (and outside) its borders, and my zest for La Pura Vida – the famed Costa Rica lifestyle. So, come along, follow, and take these adventures with me! La Pura Vida Costa Rica will be an excellent resource for you, if you’re planning to travel to Costa Rica, move to Costa Rica or retire to Costa Rica


Costa Rica – Panama – Nicaragua: 5 Differences

In a recent trip to Nicaragua - a long weekend getaway and part of my Living La Pure Vida beyond the borders of my Costa Rica home, I was struck by a number of things that reminded me of my former expat life in Panama. This sparked this post: Costa Rica - Panama - Nicaragua: 5 Differences...and this is just the beginning. Read on. Perhaps this will whet your whistle for traveling between these three countries - so close - but with cultures a world away from one to the next. Variety is the Spice of Life...isn't it? A resounding YES, and thus, I thought it might be fun for my fellow expats who travel the Central American region like I do, and anyone else who may be sojourning through same, or even considering a move to Panama, Costa Rica or Nicaragua to take a look at my recent … [Read More...]

The 1% Rule when Meeting Other Expats Abroad

Meeting Other Expats Abroad - What's the Reality? When it comes to meeting other expats, many people think that they will make friends easily when they move abroad. I mean, we're all expats, right? That's a big thing to have in common! But when meeting other expats abroad, the reality is that the 1% rule governs. What is the 1% Rule? The 1% rule is a law of averages I've come up with to make sense of what my personal experience of living abroad in Costa Rica and in Panama for the past ten years. My experiences - and those of other expats who I've interviewed and known as friends and co-workers - leads me to believe this rule applies to expats as people...not to expats living in a particular location. The 1% Rule is numbers driven. (Accountants and Mathemeticians,rejoice!) Let's use … [Read More...]

Buying Real Estate in Costa Rica 101

Since I'm now an owner and the Managing Partner of a new boutique real estate firm in South Pacific Costa Rica, you will see that many of my future topics here will relate to buying real estate in Costa Rica. (So many people asked me about real estate that I finally listened, and got back in the biz!) Buying Real Estate in Costa Rica Well, first of all, who doesn't have the dream of buying real estate in Costa Rica? Doesn't everyone? :) And if not, maybe you should. But how does buying real estate in Costa Rica really work and how is it different from other countries? Bingo! You're in the right place....let's get to it. Location, Location, Location As in almost anywhere in the world, the first thing you want to do is narrow down your choice of locations. For example, in our … [Read More...]