Welcome to Costa Rica!

Or at least, welcome to my blog about Costa Rica!

I’m JuliAnne Murphy, and I’m a writer and a consultant. I live in Costa Rica. In early 2015, I came to Costa Rica for work, and fell in love with the Pacific coast, in the Osa region. Three months later, I packed my car and moved here for three months. A work contract was my excuse, but two months in, I knew I wasn’t done with this piece of paradise, and it wasn’t done with me. So I stayed.

Eight months later – in early January 2016 – I moved the rest of my stuff, and now Costa Rica is my home base. Woo hoo!

This website and my blog here– La Pura Vida Costa Rica – is inspired by my love of Costa Rica, my day-to-day life in this country as an expat, my travels within (and outside) its borders, and my zest for La Pura Vida – the famed Costa Rica lifestyle. So, come along, follow, and take these adventures with me! La Pura Vida Costa Rica will be an excellent resource for you, if you’re planning to travel to Costa Rica, move to Costa Rica or retire to Costa Rica

10 Years in Central America


Expat Interview about Shipping to Costa Rica – Part Three – La Pura Vida Costa Rica

Welcome back to “How to Ship Your Stuff to Costa Rica”. This Costa Rica expat interview about shipping to Costa Rica could also be titled “How to Shop Online and Get Your Stuff Shipped to Costa Rica” or maybe even “How to Shop on Amazon and Ship to Myself in Costa Rica”. (Amazon is after all, where most of us shop these days, correct?) This is Part Three of our Expat Interview about Shipping to Costa Rica My fellow expats here in South Pacific Costa Rica – Jerry and Lowell – own and operate a shipping company named Get It Here Jerry. Because the questions above are posed to me so OFTEN by new expats moving to Costa, I sat down with these gentlemen in recent weeks and spoke to them about their business and how it works. It turned out to be a lengthy conversation. Part One of … [Read More...]

How to Get Stuff Shipped to You in Costa Rica – Part Two – Expat Interview

How does it work to Get Stuff Shipped to you in Costa Rica when you shop online? Welcome back to Part II of How to Get Stuff Shipped to You in Costa Rica. This is an expat interview I recently conducted with Jerry and Lowell, owners of a Costa Rica shipping company, Get It Here Jerry. If you missed Part I, you can check that story here. It gives you the background on the father and son expat team who own and operate Get It Here Jerry including: • Their collective professional backgrounds • How they discovered (and fell in love with) South Pacific Costa Rica • How Get It Here Jerry – their shipping company – was born, and • A bit about what expat life in South Pacific Costa Rica is like. So, let’s proceed! What’s the Market Like in South Pacific Costa Rica for Shipping … [Read More...]

How to Shop Online and Ship to Costa Rica: An Expat Interview

A common question that new expats to Costa Rica ask all the time is how can I shop online and ship to Costa Rica? Is it easy to get stuff shipped to me from abroad when I live here? Whether you retiring to Costa Rica, telecommuting or just moved to Costa Rica for the famed Pura Vida lifestyle, everyone has something they need that they just can't find in the Tropics. How to Ship Stuff to Yourself in Costa Rica For some of us, the need (or desire) to shop online and ship to Costa Rica strikes more often than for others. Yours truly included. And that’s where this expat interview with Jerry and Lowell Thomas of a shipping company called Get It Here Jerry, was born. I met with them recently at the popular French Bistro, Ballena Bistro, in our neck of the woods here in South Pacific Costa … [Read More...]