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An ‘expat’ is the shortened version of the word ‘expatriate’. Expatriate is an old British word which is used to define someone who lived outside their country of origin.

In February 2018, I’ll celebrate 10 years of living as an expat outside the U.S. The first seven and half years of my expat-hood, I was in Panama.

Since May 2016, I’ve called Costa Rica home.

People become interested in living outside their native countries for a variety of reasons. For most North Americans, that choice is driven by:

  • service in the military abroad,
  • employment abroad, or
  • retirement abroad.
  • And, for a few, adventure.

It’s my experience that too many expats – especially those driven by retirement and employment – don’t always conduct sufficient research about their new country BEFORE they arrive to live there.

That was my experience in Panama, at any rate. And, let me tell you, my husband and I – and many of our friends – grew tired of hearing complaint upon complaint from what seemed like an unending number of these expats, at almost every opportunity. (I got so tired of it, personally, that I penned two books about this very topic specific to Panama – you can find those here.)

Thus, my love of helping others find the resources that I once didn’t even know how to ask for myself, grew over the years, and here we are…

I love to write, and I love to share what I’ve learned. And, that’s where you come in. If you’re an expat, hoping for some tips or some knowledge or some insider scoop from someone who’s not trying to “sell” you on the country, then you may just have landed here for that reason.

Fellow expats in Costa Rica, if you have a story you’d like to share about your experience in our tropical paradise, please get in touch!

I did share a number of stories from Panama expats in my second book and on my former blog, Panama Gringo Guide and many, many of my readers found them extremely helpful.

So, come along and catch a wave with me on my SUP.

Walk a deserted beach at 5 am just as the day is breaking across the ocean.

Let loose some expletives when we get stuck in San Jose traffic for two hours.

Learn what it’s like, and where to go, what to do and what it costs.

You might just catch some inspiration from this lucky life of mine I’ve got going, for your very own self. 🙂

Woo hoo! Living La Pura Vida!

JuliAnne Murphy

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