Living La Pura Vida…abroad

Living La Pura Vida…abroad

JuliAnne Murphy La Pura Vida Costa RicaWhat? You might say. I thought this blog was about life in expat life in Costa Rica.

And, you’d be right. At least, that’s why I started it.

Having lived as an expat now for going on nine years, a large percentage of my conversations with people on a day-to-day basis are about that very topic: living abroad, expat life. So, of course, I have plenty to share with you when it comes to living abroad in Costa Rica and living in Panama.

What fuels my creativity as a writer – and in general, what fuels my zest for life is two things: travel and my experiences.

Now, stop for a moment. When was the last time you gave yourself a moment to reflect on what really fuels you? What gives you the zest for this crazy experience we call life and the Oomph behind your creativity?

How often do we forget to refill our own jugo to keep our joire de vive going in the day to day crap that has to be done?

For many of us, it’s some kind of experience that gives us that Za-za-zoom.

Generally, my ‘experiences’ part is already going to be covered here on my Living la Pura Vida blog – at least those specific to my day to day life in Costa Rica and my reflections on life as an expat.

But as I rose early this morning – which is the quiet time in which I do most of my writing – what was top of mind was a reflection of something I learned along the way during my latest travel adventure.

In this case, it just happens that the ‘along the way’ was an 11-week wander through 11 different countries around the European Union.

Wow! You say. 11 weeks? 11 countries? All at once? That must have been the trip of a lifetime!

I’ll put it simply. Yes, it was.

What started out as largely an extended vacation during offseason (winter) – blossomed into countless experiences – some expected, some not – that forever changed me in ways big and small.

Yes, I am one lucky gal. I checked off a bunch of bucket list places on this journey, you can be sure.

And, so, in my making sense of it all, and processing through those ventures, you will begin to see some pieces of those experiences crop up here on this, my Living la Pura Vida, about the spirit of my Pura Vida life – living in the present, in the moment, on the journey….the tastes, the smells, the A-ha moments, the things that made me go Hmmmm.

And, at least for the present, some of my shares will include territory beyond the borders of Costa Rica.

Here’s one very BIG thing I learned on this trip.

Drum roll, please….

I have changed. The person I was a year ago has blossomed into a much more interesting person, largely due to the life I’ve found since I moved to Costa Rica.

Pura Vida for me is something I have embraced to a level that surprises even me, and it’s not just about hanging loose and drinking margaritas at 2 in the afternoon and living in close proximity to the water and being an entrepreneur.

For me, Pura Vida has been about me learning to embrace all the sides of myself, stepping beyond almost every edge of what I thought my life ‘had to be’ and allowing it to unfold into something else.

Letting go of the things I couldn’t really hold onto, and allowing – breathing – birthing – succumbing to the true beauty of this life.

Usually, the truer beauty has come when I simply let go. Of expectations, of perceptions, of ‘should’s and demands and ‘have to’s.

And that played out for me to extreme levels on this 11-week trip.


I didn’t plan on sharing any of this with you. But I’m excited about it.

Perhaps what I discovered might inspire you to take you on a journey of your own.

Woo hoo!

See you soon.

Pura Vida.

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